Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Safe and Sound(asleep) in Dar

Today has been a wonderfully busy day.

After arriving late last night after an arduous 24+ hours of traveling (14.5 hours in a single flight), we have been welcomed by the fantastic hospitality of Dr.Rajabu and the staff of the Research Flats at the University of Dar es Salaam.

We took the luxury of sleeping in until 9 this morning to help us shake the jetlag, and met with Dr. Rajabu and his dissertation students Massud and Patrick for a great session of talking about stoves and exchanging ideas. We are looking forward to another such session tomorrrow, so that we can learn as much as possible from them before heading west to Kigoma soon. We are still arranging travel, but hope to depart on this next journey on Monday.

This afternoon was spent working on assessing our options for traveling to Kigoma, getting to know the University of Dar es Salaam campus, and getting some much needed rest.

We're all in good spirits and looking forward to the work and adventures to come!

Off to dinner with Dr.Rajabu and his students.

Kwa Heri!

-Kevin McGregor

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